The Whitewood Barn

The whitewood Barn, like most businesses, started out as an idea. However, when Cris Rickie came to Mister Social for help with her marketing and brand awareness, she only came with an idea - No customers or clientele, No online presence or foundation, not even an established location. Since that day, Mister Social had made it a commitment to bring the Whitewood barn to life using the power of online brand awareness. Through the curation of stunning photos and videos that display what the barn had to offer and the construction of a beautiful website, Mister Social brought The Whitewood Barn to life in the digital space. This allowed for visitors to see the potential of what the Whitewood Barn was capable of as a wedding and ceremony venue, further peaking their interest in the business.


Today, The Whitewood Barn is a major success story, with clients booking 2 months in advance due to the venue’s constant fully booked schedule. The Whitewood barn continues to grow and thrive amongst its competitors in the market thanks to their online presence, where potential customers are able to browse and explore the beauty of the Whitewood Barn without ever having stepped foot onto the property.

Mister Social has worked hand-in-hand with Leduc Chrysler since the start. When we first began working with Leduc Chrysler, their Instagram page was non-existent. The thought of likes and comments was completely foreign as there was no page or photos to begin with. With a follower count of zero and a completely clean slate, the Mister Social team got down to work curating fully tailored content and increasing engagement through ads.

Today, Leduc Chrysler has nearly 10,000 followers and over 500 custom photos and videos posted. Every month, new content is pumped out onto their instagram and facebook page that is both fun and engaging, but most importantly, represents who they are as individuals within the industry. 

Leduc Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Bengel Custom Homes

Bengal Custom Homes is a fully custom Home Builder based in Leduc. When Bengel Homes came to us, their main priority was to accurately capture and represent the quality and craftsmanship that they delivered within the construction of their homes. By partnering with Mister Social, Bengel homes was able to achieve this goal through the services that we provided them. Our strategically composed series of videos showcased Bengel Custom Homes and their business in a captivating and awe-inspiring way.

By hiring Mister Social to embrace and cultivate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into all of their products, Bengel Custom Homes was able to finally showcase what they truly stand for. 

Unit 400 (4th floor),

10324 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z8

1 (833) 647-8371